Simon Cowell Has the Cutest 5-Year-Old Son Named Eric Who Looks Exactly like His Little Copy

Simon Cowell’s son, Eric is a chip off the old block, seen stepping out in matching fashion with his father recently. 

Unicef UK initiated a fun activity called #ChildrenTakeOver for parents across the country to celebrate World Children’s Day – a day of action for children, by children. And Simon Cowell and his partner Lauren were all in.

Their 5-year-old son Eric got all dressed up like his father in a buttoned-down white shirt, blue jeans, and dressy black shoes. 

Aside from dressing up in his dad’s signature style, he got to play music mogul for a day as he took the helm at Syco Entertainment, the British entertainment company founded by Simon.

Syco TV, which Cowell launched in 2003, holds "The X Factor" and "Got Talent" franchises.

Eric’s proud father says of the experience,

“UNICEF’s World Children’s Day is an inspired idea. I can now talk as a very proud Dad about the joy Eric has brought to my life. My dream would be to see him one day running the company I have built. And the most important lesson I have learned is what children teach you. They all have a voice.”

Lauren and Simon's support of the #ChildrenTakeOver project inspired many other parents in the UK to do the same.

It gave children the chance to make decisions and sharing with the grownups in their lives how they would do things differently, too.

Cowell has brought his son to work many times before and shares photos of it on his Twitter account.

Close friends of the TV executive say that becoming a dad has brought out Simon’s soft side.  Cowell says of fatherhood, 

“It has been so the best thing in my life. I see everything through a more positive light now. Simple as that.”

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