March 01, 2019

Woman Trapped Under California Landslide Identified by Family and Presumed Dead

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The person who was trapped in the San Francisco landslide has been identified as Kyra Sunshine Scarlet by family members. She is presumed dead.

A 22-year-old woman was reportedly trapped after a portion of a cliff fell on her in the Bay Area. She has not been found since the landslide.

Reports now state that the woman is presumed dead, according to reports. The woman’s family identified her as Kyra Sunshine Scarlet, an Oakley resident originally from Utah on Thursday.

Kyra Sunshine Scarlett at the beach | Image: GoFundMe


Scarlet had been walking her dog with a friend on a San Francisco beach. A section of a cliff fell and created a landslide. The group was trapped beneath the sand but bystanders and first responders managed to pull the dog and Scarlet’s friend to safety.

Unfortunately, they were unable to locate Scarlet. Rescue looked for several hours however, the search was eventually called off.

Kyra Sunshine Scarlet | Image: GoFundMe


Scarlet’s family released a statement on Thursday saying, “the family’s faith allows for them to be at peace knowing that Kyra Sunshine is in a better place and that they will be reunited in the future. Kyra Sunshine was a beautiful, sweet, amazing woman … She died in one of her favorite places after hiking with her sweet dog Iris and her dear friend. The family would like to thank the many public safety agencies that have worked tirelessly to help find Kyra Sunshine, watch over the site and the kindness they have shown the family."

Extended family members set up a GoFundMe page to build a memorial for the teen.