Michelle Obama Shares Her Most Important Self-Care Tip: 'It’s Not an Option'

Michelle Obama had a live question and answer stream with her 27.3 million followers on Instagram, sharing tips about life with very sincere answers.

In a recent question and answer live stream on Instagram, former First Lady, Michelle Obama, gave straightforward answers to questions bordering on womanhood.

The 55-year-old answered with tips everyone can relate with and use. She drew from the conversations she has been having with women on the tour of her bestselling memoir , “Becoming.”

In what has been termed a “Candid Conversation,” the mother of two, spoke on getting pregnant through IVF, marriage counseling, changing her career, and being at the White House.

Answering a question on how she takes care of herself under pressure, Michelle responded that she always remember to put herself first, and exercising, and getting enough sleep were so important that “It's not an option.”

When asked how she deals with feeling guilty as a working mum, the former First Lady said that being a working mum does not make one a bad mum, even though the guilt is always there. Adding:

“As a woman, you have to go after your dreams to feel fulfilled."

Michelle also spoke on moving to the White House, saying that as a parent, if you show your kids something is okay, they’ll believe it. She said

“If the parent acts like it’s no big deal, they’ll believe it.” 

In another interview with Oprah Winfrey in November 2018 to talk about her memoir, the bestselling author described her time at the White House as fleeting, moving from one day to the next, and sometimes forgetting the things she did and the places she visited.

The interview which was kept quiet as Michelle rarely granted interviews, took place at the Hearst Tower, in New York City, and was later published on Oprah’s magazine website.

The iconic television host asked her friend of fourteen years why she chose the name “Becoming” for her book, and with her usual grace, Michelle responded that although there were a lot of title options, “Becoming” covered everything she was trying to communicate, adding that every decade of her life taught her something amazing, and she is still “Becoming”.

Speaking on whether writing about her private life scared her, Michelle said that the reason she connects with a lot of people is that she likes herself, her story, and all the bumps she’s faced and wants to inspire young people to start conversations about their journey. 

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