Steve Irwin’s Daughter Thanks Late Dad for ‘Extraordinary Strength’ in Sweet Birthday Tribute

The daughter of beloved Australian wildlife expert shared an emotional message 13 years after his tragic death.

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of legendary "Crocodile Hunter" host Steve Irwin, posted a heartwarming picture of her father on Instagram as a tribute on February 22 to mark what would have been his 57th birthday.

In the picture, Steve is holding a younger Bindi in one arm while a Koala snuggles up on his other arm.

“Thank you for always being my guiding light,” she wrote in the caption as a tribute to her father.

Her post has so far received more than 200,000 likes and hundreds of comments from fans and followers all around the world.

Meanwhile, Bindi is not the only one who commemorated Steve on the special day.  

On Friday, Google also honored the beloved wildlife activist with a Google Doodle. The drawing shows Irwin holding a crocodile.

The animated version of the doodle portrays the life story of Steve. It details his journey from studying crocodiles to starting his family and opening his famous Australia Zoo with his wife.

Later, Bindi’s 15-year old brother, Robert also paid a tribute to his father by sharing a snapshot of the Google Doodle.


"Thank you so much, [Google] for honouring dad with his own #GoogleDoodle all over the world," his caption reads.  

Steve’s wife Terri Irwin thanked Google for “beautifully” honoring his life and legacy.

The iconic Australian wildlife expert passed away on September 4. 2006, after a stingray pierced his chest. He was filming a documentary titled ‘Ocean’s Deadliest’ when the tragedy took place.

His children, Bindi and Robert, continue to  carry on his legacy with their own wildlife-related television shows.

Their latest show on Animal Planet, “Crikey! It’s the Irwins!”, tracks the family’s adventures working in the Australian Zoo.