Freddie from 'A Different World' is Now a Voice Actor and Enjoys Being a Mother

Many people remember Cree Summer for her on-screen role as Freddie Brooks in the ‘90s sitcom “A Different World.” However, most of her career after the show has been devoted to lending her voice to animated characters and raising her two beautiful daughters.

Cree Summer first appeared on our TV screens in 1988, but her career in the entertainment started long before that when she was only an 11-year-old.

"There’s this really crazy belief that black girls don’t watch cartoons, and that we don’t collect comics, and that we don’t like Sci-Fi, and that’s B.S, we love it."

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It began as a mistake ...

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Summer’s father, Don Francks, had been cast to be the voice of Inspector Gadget in the animated series of the same name. The man asked producers to let Cree read for the role of Penny, and ever since then, she has voiced more than 100 characters in movies, series, video games and more.

Cree has lent her throaty voice to some of the most iconic animated characters of color from our childhood, like Susie Carmichael from “Rugrats,” Miranda from Nickelodeon's “As Told by Ginger,” Foxxy Love in “Drawn Together,” Numbuh 5 in Cartoon Network's “Codename: Kids Next Door,” and Princess “Kida” Kidagakash for the franchise of Disney's “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.”

In an industry where there’s still a lack of diversity and representation, Summer has created a difference. “I mean, let’s face it. I do the voice of all the animated brown girls. And all the animated brown girls…there still ain't’ that many,” she recently told Great Big Story. And continued:

“Because there’s this really crazy belief that black girls don’t watch cartoons, and that we don’t collect comics, and that we don’t like Sci-Fi, and that’s B.S, we love it. I love when people of color come up to me and say ‘You don’t know that it meant to me to see myself in a cartoon. I got one little black girl that I get to see that looks like me. Thank you so much.’”

Despite the lack of representation for kids on cartoons, Summer is making sure her daughters are encouraged to embrace their beauty and uniqueness by raising them to be loud and irreverent, like her.

The girls, Brave Littlewing, 7, and Hero Peregrine, 6, are regularly featured on Summer’s Instagram account, and despite their young age, they are already outspoken, talented and pretty smart.

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The Savages ...

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Just a few days ago, Cree shared a video of little Hero giving a passionate speech about individuality in the backseat of a car. She said:

“All the folks think you are just like me, but you’re not. You could be your own self. Not everything goes like me. I am my own possibility; I am my own person. You could be whoever you want. You could be a superstar; you could be a doctor; you could be a vegetarian…you could be whatever you want when you grow up.”

Fans were impressed by the 6-year-old’s words and the conviction with which she spoke. “Hero is a motivational speaker & phenom,” pointed out one fan. And another added, “I actually needed to hear this today!! Thank you Baby Sis!! I am, My own possibility.”

Summer shares the girls with her husband Angelo Pullen, with whom she has managed to maintain a successful marriage despite rumors about them getting a divorce. 

Cree is still pretty busy in the voice acting department and is currently working in at least four different projects according to her IMDB

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