March 09, 2019

German Shepherd Sees the Ocean for the First Time and His Reaction Goes Viral

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A rescue dog named Herschel was given a new lease on life and got to experience a few little pleasures along the way. 

In his short documentary about Herschel, Rocky Kanaka explains that this dog's life is an adoption story "that will warm your heart." He adds: 

"You won't believe this teddy bear of a dog named Herschel's amazing reaction to the first time he had ever seen the ocean. 

Herschel playing in the snow for the first time. Image credit: YouTube/Rocky Kanaka


Kanaka explained that Herschel was selected for his new show, "Dog's Day Out." The project aims to take neglected dogs out on the "best day they've ever had."

Kanaka said that on Herschel's day out, he got to experience snow for the first time, and also gave free "teddy bear hugs" to passersby. 

His adventures and fun-loving personality garnered enough interest for Kanaka to take Herschel on a road trip to his new forever-family in Washington State. 

Herschel, shortly after he was rescued. Image credit: YouTube/Rocky Kanaka


Kanaka said apart from the beautiful adoption story, the best part of the trip of Herschel's reaction to seeing the ocean for the first time. Kanaka added: 

"[Herschel's] life didn't start out so easy. He's been on this earth for five years, and for most of that time – tied in a backyard and neglected."

Herschel's rescuers noticed that the poor dog's teeth are damaged and whittled down from gnawing through the chains, trying to break free. 

Herschel after he was abandoned and returned to the animal shelter for a second time. Image credit: YouTube/Rocky Kanaka


In addition, Herschel was abandoned twice and returned to the shelter. Dogs like these usually don't get happy endings and end up in the euthanasia room instead. 

Thankfully for Herschel, Found Animals Adopt & Shop heard of him and changed his fate. Not only did they facilitate his adoption, but also arranged with Kanaka to give Herschel the best day of his life. 

Kanaka said they packed "pretty amazing stuff for the trip," such as Herschel's very first burrito and a "puppucino" from Starbucks. 

Herschel seeing the ocean for the first time. Image credit: YouTube/Rocky Kanaka


It's clear from the documentary that Herschel enjoyed every second of his trip – from the snacks to just enjoying the humans' company. 

However, all that pales in comparison to Herschel seeing the ocean for the very first time. "It's nothing short of pure joy." See for yourself: 

Herschel barked and cried and jumped with joy, literally. Kanaka joked that he's not letting go of Herschel's leash because he "might swim off to Santiago."

Seeing Herschel enjoy himself and chase waves brought "happy tears" to Kanaka's eyes, as it did to ours as well.