Here's Why Dolly Parton Keeps Her Marriage with Carl Dean Private

Comfort Omovre
Mar 12, 2019
02:35 A.M.
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After several decades of being together, Dolly Parton finally reveals the secret behind her long-lasting marriage with her husband, Carl Dean who has always hidden from public eyes.


Talk about a well-kept secret, and that’s what you’ll get with Dolly Parton’s love story with her husband, Carl Dean, whom she has been married to far longer than most people live.


Parton and Dean’s marriage has lasted for over five decades, but not a lot is known about the man that stole the singer’s heart, as he prefers to stay in the shadows, away from the spotlight. Dean is very private and has only been seen a couple of times in public with the famed singer, preferring to stay at their home in Tennessee, or travel with her in their RV.

This has not stopped the “Jolene” singer from talking about her husband in public. In a 2015 interview with “Parade,” she credited Dean as being her best friend and her best buddy, adding that their privacy has been working for them.


In 2017, the 73-year-old award-winning singer, finally revealed why she keeps her marriage private. Speaking with “Fox News”, she responded when asked what the secret to the success of her marriage was

“I’ve kept my marriage very personal and sacred, and try to keep my husband out of the news,” she said

Parton further explained that being in the limelight was not something Dean had signed up for when he married her, and she loves him enough to keep him away from it.

Apart from her marriage, the country singer is a very public person and is known for her flamboyant style and unique hair. She has also taken on a charity project, releasing a music album for children — “I Believe in You.”


The proceeds from the album went to her library “Parton Imaginary Library” which provides new books every month for children. Three years ago, the singer got Dean to agree to a blowout event for charity on their anniversary.

Parton and Dean met in 1964 when she was 18, and he was 21. She had moved to Nashville from Sevierville after graduating from High School to pursue a music career.


The two met at a laundromat, where the retired asphalt-paving businessman while driving by in his white Chevy pickup had stopped to tell her she would get sunburned in her skimpy clothes.

Dean later revealed during their 50th anniversary that he had told himself that day that he was going to marry her. True to his words, they got married two years later in 1966.

They have been together ever since, and although Parton once admitted to “Emotionally” cheating on her husband, they’ve both been credited with saying they will not choose to spend the last 53 years with anyone else. Anyway, this is not her first time of talking about the secret to her successful marriage