Pregnant Woman Shares How She Got a Thief Who Stole Her Food from a Fridge at Work Fired

Every so often a story comes along that feels more like a life lesson filled with applicable cliche’s rather than receiving information, and this #storyoftheday is one of them. One woman dipped her toe into the perilous waters of underhandedness and suffered the consequences.

Most people familiar with an office environment are aware of the strife a communal kitchen can cause when food items seemingly walk themselves out the door, but one pregnant woman ended up teaching her food thief an unintended lesson. 

During pregnancy, women need to make sure they get the necessary nutrition for themselves and the growing baby during the special time, and this pregnant woman intended to do just that, but her food kept getting stolen.

At first, she thought it might have something to do with people being unable to resist her chef husband’s food, but even after offering that her husband can make extra food for others the theft continued.

Pregnant woman standing near refrigerator with fruits and vegetables. | Photo: Shutterstock

Pregnant woman standing near refrigerator with fruits and vegetables. | Photo: Shutterstock

What started as something that happened now and then got more frequent until it was almost a daily occurrence. She began labeling her food, but it didn’t help. Next, she pinned a note to the fridge that read, “Please stop taking my food. I am pregnant and breastfeeding, and this is negatively affecting my health.”

The note she was sure would make the thief realize that it was more than just tasty food, but sustenance stolen from a growing baby and stop, but still to no avail.

Before long new camera’s got installed due to a company security upgrade, and that’s when the woman was finally able to catch the elusive food thief.

Woman taking food out of a refrigerator. | Photo: Shutterstock

Woman taking food out of a refrigerator. | Photo: Shutterstock

The culprit turned out to be an older woman up for promotion, and with pregnancy hormones raging, she decided to get even.

As per company policy, employees up for promotion close to the executive level do presentations for high ranking execs from head office as part of their interview. 

And it so happens that part of the pregnant mother’s duties is to assist interviewees during their presentation with any equipment or changes needed. 

Before the older lady’s interview, the pregnant mother asked the IT guy to send her a screenshot of each day the lady stole food from her during the previous week. When the time came for the older lady’s interview, she replaced her actual slides with the screenshots of her theft. 

Old slides and a magnifying glass. | Photo: Shutterstock

Old slides and a magnifying glass. | Photo: Shutterstock

Everyone was aware of the mother’s food disappearing, but when the execs saw who the guilty party was, they were shocked. One of the execs just became a father while another one is five months pregnant, so the pictures of the lady stealing a pregnant woman’s food did not go down well.

One moment the lady looked forward to climbing another rung on the ladder, the next she had her feet back on the ground, fired with personal belongings in hand and out the door. Although the pregnant mother’s intention was far from getting the lady fired, it still happened.

People throughout the years have not joked and warned others to think twice before messing with a pregnant woman for no reason. But it would also be good to remember that what we do to others come back to us.

Did the pregnant woman go too far or did the older lady get what she deserved?

At least one the baby is born, her hormone levels will begin to return to normal, but then the years of parenting and sleepless nights abound with moments of profound love and joy.

But parenting is not easy, and sometimes tough love is needed as one dad realized after he found out that his daughter was a bully at school in another #storyoftheday.

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