Son's Photo of Dad Was so Touching It Made People Buy All the Donuts in His Father's Shop

The sweetest thing happened to a Texas family last week Saturday after their son, Billy By, posted a picture of his dad alone in their newly opened doughnut shop on Twitter.

Billy By posted a tweet about his dad's new doughnut shop, and within hours, it generated so much buzz that people bought all the donuts in the shop.

Before that tweet, the business had been moving at snail's speed. Billy’s father, Satharith By, who just opened the shop last week, would wake up by 2 am to start the process of making the doughnuts. However, the sales weren't impressive.

According to Billy, this prompted his tweet:

“I was just trying to help my dad gain more business through my friends, but eventually, other people saw it too.”

On Monday, the number of followers on the doughnut shop had gone off the roof, and Billy’s tweet had over 300,000 retweets, including big shot actor, James Woods, filmmaker Casey Neistat and the Twitter company account.

People drove miles upon miles to get to the shop.

“This is a review from a customer who just went to Billy’s Donuts this morning in Houston! I’m so glad to see the power of social media and its good impact to real life. This thing got me to my real emotions.”

The history of the By’s makes it even more emotional because the older By came to the U.S. as an immigrant from Cambodia 20 years ago, he then opened a doughnut shop in Southern California.

Sadly, they had to sell their shop to a relative when Billy's mum fell sick, perhaps to cover the medical expenses. When she eventually recovered, they moved to Texas where they opened a new shop. And now, they have become known by everyone, thanks to young Billy's tweet.

The By family are not the only small business that Twitter has helped. Users on the social media site showed sympathy to Martyn Hett, an English man who posted his mom's sad response to a text he sent her asking about her well being.

According to him, his mum, Figen who knits, got a stall at a craft fair and she sold nothing, the knowledge of that broke his heart. The 28-year-old English man mentioned that his mom had a Depop page, where people could buy and sell homemade products.

Her first customer was her son's friend, then more people followed the trend, and in a few hours, she had sold out. It did not stop there, and people started to order for custom made knitted wears.

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