Separated Matt and Amy Roloff Return in 'Little People Big World' to Answer Remaining Questions

"Little People, Big World" will return this April 2, and Matt and Amy Roloff's divorced will play a central part of the season.

Recently, TLC offered a first look at the trailer for season 14 of the long-running series, which is about the Roloff family and its struggles with dwarfism.

"Roloff family has always been a beloved part of the fabric here at TLC and we are proud to welcome them back to Tuesday nights."

According to TLC, the latest season is about “the fate of Roloff Farms, as Matt and Amy consider if it’s possible to continue running the property together, while their increasingly separate lives and relationships are driving them further apart.”

Amy and Matt, who tied the knot in September 1987, have been the centerpiece of the hit reality show since it began airing in 2006.

But the stars ended their relationship in March 2014. Their divorce was finalized in 2016, after 27 years of marriage.

Matt is now in a relationship with Caryn Chandler, manager of Roloff Farm, while Amy is giving love another chance with her new boyfriend, Chris Marek.

In a preview shared by PEOPLE, Amy opened up about how much her life has changed with her relationship.

"This year, out of any of the other years, everything has changed for me," she said. "Chris makes me see life in a whole different way."

Matt, on the other hand, shared comparable thoughts, adding that he and Caryn were unquestionably making their own path.

Matt, who appeared as an extra in the movie, "Under the Rainbow", admitted that it was a transitional point for the family.

The season 14 will also follow Zach Roloff and his wife Tori as they adjust to being new parents. The couple welcomed Jackson Kyle in 2017.

“Nothing is cuter than a little dwarf baby!” said Tori, who's also dealing with Zach’s health scares.

Howard Lee, the president and general manager of TLC, said that the "Roloff family has always been a beloved part of the fabric here at TLC and we are proud to welcome them back to Tuesday nights."

Lee added: “Over the last 14 years, the family has opened up their lives to our viewers – the joys as well as the heartache. We are honored that they continue to let us follow along on their incredible journey."

The season 14 of "Little People, Big World" is certain to give fans with more than enough drama. 

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