Claire Crosby Wows Fans with Another Magnificent Performance of an Elvis Presley Hit Song

Adorable 6-year-old Claire Crosby makes the world fall in love with her cover of Elvis Presley’s beautiful song.

The adorable YouTube star, who went viral when she was only 3-years-old, covered Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love” while playing ukulele in a recent video uploaded on her family’s YouTube channel. The video became viral in no time and people from around the world appreciated the young star’s incredible voice.


“What a cute and talented girl! God bless her family for her,” one of the viewers commented below the video.

The video has been watched over a million times and gathered thousands of appreciation comments.

Crosby became a household name when Claire’s first video titled “Part of Your World” has received more than 17 million views. Claire’s parents recorded the video after they realized the toddler has perfect pitch.

Claire has appeared on “Little Big Shots” with Steve Harvey and she and her dad have been on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show several times.  Ellen even gave her a ukulele about a year ago which she plays like a pro now.

The family has a huge fan following on their social media channels with more than 1 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and 2.6 fans on Facebook.


Crosby’s most successful cover to date was a duet between Claire and her dad as they sang “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from the animated movie “Toy Story”.


Little Claire is definitely a music star in the rise.

Clearly, the young star is not afraid to show her talent to the world as a performer. Kids like her inspire others to bring forth their own talent and win hearts.

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