Beth Chapman Celebrates Her ‘Fiercely Loyal’ Friend’s Birthday with Hilarious Photo Booth Snaps

Full of love and a zest for life despite her incurable cancer, Beth Chapman, enjoys a girls night out to celebrate her best friend, Shannon Tweed’s birthday.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s better half shared four photo booth shots of herself and Shannon sticking their tongues out and flaunting gorgeous smiles.

Chapman showed gratitude to her “fiercely loyal” friend saying,

“Happy birthday to an amazing human and friend a friend whose love knows no boundaries being there when you need her, just a short text away when you’re down, a little bit of love from her goes a long way...She’s honest and fiercely loyal…”

Tweed has been a source of strength for Beth whose throat cancer returned in November 2018. Chapman talks about the kind of friend Shannon has been through the years,

“I didn’t surround myself with people who pity the situation.  I wanted to be around people who helped me move forward. My friend Shannon Tweed pushed me every minute of every day, but she didn’t pity me.”

Beth maintains a positive attitude in the face of the heartbreaking health diagnosis and is still busy living her life by her husband’s side.

“I’m very happy out here on the road with my honey catching bad guys, making memories.  Life’s too short to care about the background noise.  All I hear is the music playing in my ear.”

Dog and Beth are working on their latest project called “Dog’s Most Wanted” where they pursue the most wanted fugitives in the country.

Beth intends to live her life to the fullest and her relationship with Dog is more passionate than ever. Valentine’s day and every new day she can live to enjoy is sweeter for the 51-year-old reality star.  She posts about her romance with her husband often, just like this one of them in a sweet cuddle.

For his part, Dog remains committed saying,

“When we made a pledge many years ago, I said I’d love her in sickness and in health until death do us part…”

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