Val Kilmer's Daugher Had Been Hospitalized Shortly after He'd Been Diagnosed with Throat Cancer

Val Kilmer and his children speak on his fight with cancer and the accident that led to his daughter, Mercedes', hospitalization.

Val Kilmer is a Hollywood actor who married British actress, Joanne Whaley. The two met when they co-starred in "Willow" a fantasy flick by Ron Howard, and their marriage produced two children. Mercedes, 28, is the first, while Jack, 24, came after.

Kilmer and his children took part in a "Hollywood Legacies" shoot, and during the interview talked about the trials they've had. The 59-year-old actor looked like the shadow of the man he used to be; an after effect of his fight against throat cancer.

The two-year cancer battle left his speech sounding forceful, with him always pausing to catch his breath.

Presenting a united front, the two Kilmer children, who followed their parent's career path, talked about growing up with famous parents. Mercedes who is a theater actress in New York said she was always conscious of her parent's celebrity status and had to deal with people stereotyping them as a result.

Drawing his view from the reflections he had from his illness, the father of two joined that fame is a mess, as you get treatments that do not reflect who you are as a person.

Taking up the narrative again, the 28-year-old spoke on being hospitalized at the UCLA Medical Center shortly after her father got his diagnosis. The actress was hit by a car in what she describes as a "Scary accident" that left a scar on her leg.

At this point, Jack joined in, describing how he felt with his father and sister in the same hospital. The young actor said he was "distraught and miserable" sitting by the duo while they recovered.

The "Real Genius" actor then credited his faith as a Christian Scientist as what got him through those dark days, adding that he has learned to be more carefree and take things like feeling sad when he does not get an award nomination, less serious.

Kilmer got his cancer diagnosis in 2015, but never disclosed it. The rumor started that January after he went to the hospital on a medical emergency.

The eighties superstar took to his Facebook page to deny the rumors, choosing to say that he was in the hospital due to complications, and to be under "watchful eyes."

In October of that same year, the rumors resurfaced, and he denied them, maintaining his story even after he was seen going around with a tracheotomy tube.

The interview with Legacies was the "Top Gun" actor's first time admitting the illness. Kilmer underwent chemo despite his religious belief and is in remission.

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