Teenage Girl Electrocuted after Dropping Her Charging Mobile Phone into the Bath

A Russian girl was found dead in a bathtub in her home. Reports say she drowned post-electrocution after she dropped her charging cellphone into the tub.

The number of people who die from cellphone electrocution keeps increasing as people don't heed to warnings. Over time, there has been a lot of warnings about charging a cellphone and using it at the same time. Cellphone electrocution is real and lethal.

While some people get away with a lot of dangerous practices with their mobile phones, some don't get a second chance. Yulia Vysotskaya, a teenage Russian falls into the latter category.

According to a report by Metro.uk, Miss Yulia was found unresponsive in her bathtub by her family members who alerted the emergency services. Before the emergency, the schoolgirl was charging her phone with an extension cord while she sat in a bath.



Her plugged phone accidentally slipped into the water in which she was seated, and the rest of the story is tragic. Unfortunately, Yulia had already given up the ghost before the paramedics arrived. All that was left of the capacity of the paramedics was recording her death and taking her to the mortuary.

Medical reports confirmed that the 14-year-old girl died from drowning secondary to electrocution.



Vysotskaya's is the third cellphone electrocution case reported in Russia barely over a year. All three cases have something in common; the victims are all girls. It is disheartening that such cases are still reported despite public warnings that likens using a charging phone in a bath to the "Russian Roulette."

According to reports, a Russian martial art champ also lost her life to this evitable tragedy. Irina Rybnikova was only 15 when her life was cut short by using her charging iPhone while bathing in her home in Siberia.



According to a 2017 report which was released by “electrocuted.com”, Jeffery Feldman, an attorney that handles electrocution cases, said he becomes heartbroken when he sees situations of phone electrocution, especially when it involves a child.

In Feldman's report, he pinpointed preventive measures against cellphone electrocution citing abstinence as the most obvious method. The attorney said:

"The most obvious way to prevent cellphone electrocution is to keep a charging cellphone fully away from water," 

The lawyer also mentioned some cases similar to Yulia Vysotskaya's. The closest comparison is that of Madison Coe, a 14-year-old Texas girl who was electrocuted in her bathtub.

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