Viral Footage of Autistic NV Student Crowned Prom King Touches Hearts across the Internet

Adorable video shows the moment the Nevada high school student with autism, Edgar, brought home the title of prom king, and it touches hearts around the world.

In the viral Facebook clip, the students can be seen cheering for Edgar, as he takes the crown at the Henderson banquet hall recently.

"This renews my hope in future generations. A simple act of kindness can mean so much to an individual with Autism."

Being named the king or queen turns into a surreal honor for a student. However, according to Fox 13, Shaun, another student at Liberty High School, decided to step down from the role when he was tapped for the honor. He then requested that Edgar take his place.

Edgar was overcome with emotion as his classmates cheer for him. Some students even rushed up and embrace him.

Minutes later, Edgar hit the dance floor with the school's prom queen. The pair danced to Ed Sheeran's “Perfect."


The heartwarming footage captured netizens' hearts, with many saying this has restored their faith in humanity.

One user wrote: "This renews my hope in future generations. A simple act of kindness can mean so much to an individual with Autism. This probably made his parents night even more. It's so hard not knowing if my child will be accepted in school or ostracized. I hope he has friends like these."

"These young men and women are exactly what you see! They are genuine, kind, caring and simply amazing!!!! My son is beyond lucky to attend this school with these great kids!!" added another.

"This was so touching to see that humanity is still alive. These teens are exceptional and their parents should be so proud. Great joy and blessing to all of you. He will never forget your kindness," commented another user.


In a related story, a student from Douglas County High School named Brad did the unthinkable after being crowned prom king.

When his classmate, Meghan Bailey, who suffers from a form of cerebral palsy, was crowned prom queen, he decided to give the crown to Meghan's closest companion Ian Brennan, who has down syndrome. His act of kindness touched everyone in the room.

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