Tamera Mowry Shares New Selfie Smiling with Husband after Admitting She Was Charmed by Jay-Z

Tamera Mowry-Housley shared a photo with her husband after admitting that she was once mesmerized by Jay-Z when they met years back.

Tamera Mowry-Housley posed for a selfie with her husband Adam Housley, who revealed he doesn't like taking photos for Instagram. In the simple couple photo's caption, the TV host revealed the conversation behind it. 

While they were headed out, she asked her husband Adam to "act like you enjoy being with me" as she was about to post the photo on Instagram. Housley then responds with "I ALWAYS enjoy being with you. I just don't like always taking pictures for Instagram."

Her fans decided to let Tamera know that she is not alone and that even their husbands hate taking multiple pictures for the gram. 

"@bubbles_chayes: This is my husband all the way!!!"

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Love that this man loves me best fresh faced and all.

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"@randi_ziemann:Omg my husband is the same way lol"

While people seem to relate to the post, there were also many who slammed her for something she said about Jay-Z on 'The Real."


“I actually was attracted to him in the moment.”

Beyonce's fans are not happy after the 40-year-old talk show host revealed she once met Jay-Z when they were both still single, and she was hit by his charm. 

“I actually met JAY-Z in person, he wasn’t with Beyoncé at the time, and I wasn’t dating anybody. When I met him, you do get, like, hit with the charm.”

She then revealed that she did something weird by going up to him to ask for some gum, which he ended up doing. 

"It was his charm. I was 23, I hadn't even met Adam. I actually was attracted to him in the moment."


Beyonce's fans did not take her recent comments very well, and they decided to swarm her Instagram comments sections with statements that they wanted her to know. 

Aside from trying to get her to stay away from Bee and Jay, they also made assumptions that she was pregnant. 

Mowry-Housley was definitely shocked with the comment, as she decided to clap back at her hater. This comes after she made it clear that she was done having kids, as she is content with having two. 

She shares son Aden, 6, and Ariah, 2, with her husband Adam Housley, whom she is happily married to, despite what anyone thinks. 

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