17-Year-Old Wants to Go on a Date Half-Naked

Razia Meer
Mar 25, 2019
05:15 A.M.

The world has changed a lot since our grandparents were children. Teenagers probably seem like out of control aliens to seniors.


When a teenager's parents entrust her care to her grandmother while they are away, hilarity ensues after she gets ready for a date wearing something considered inappropriate by her gran.

A girl's parents are out of town, celebrating their wedding anniversary, and they leave Grandma in charge of supervising their teenage daughter.

It’s Friday evening, and the teenage grandchild is getting ready for a date.

The girl walks down the stairs and grandma is shocked to see that she is wearing a see-through blouse without anything underneath.

“You wouldn’t dare go out dressed like that!” grandma says to the girl, horrified. She has always considered herself "hip" to current fashion trends, but this seems totally inappropriate.


“Relax, grandma,” the girl says, “It’s 2019, it’s okay to let your rosebuds show a bit.”

The girl quickly runs out of the house before the grandma can get a word in edgewise.


The next day, the girl walks down the stairs again but is shocked to see her grandma sitting there without any clothes on her upper body.

The girl is incredibly embarrassed by the sight. She tells grandma that she has invited some friends over, and asks her to put on some clothes so it won’t be awkward.

“Relax, honey,” grandma says,

“It's 2019. If you can show your rosebuds, then what’s wrong with me showing my hanging plants?”

Did that joke make you snort out your tea? Click here for another senior joke where the old man gets the last laugh against some mean bullies.

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