Shaquille O'Neal Reveals How He Went from 'Homeboy Investments' to Multi-Million Dollar Deals

Shaquille O'Neal shares how he went from "homeboy investments" to multi-million dollar deals. 

Shaq has made a fortune as one of NBA's best players that he could have retired and enjoyed life as it is. However, he made sure to keep his bank account running post-retirement through his endorsement deals that are now multi-million dollars per contract. 

The four-time NBA champion recently announced that he would be joining the board of directors for Papa John's Pizza, which marks the first time an African-American holds such position in the company. 

Shaq also invested in nine Papa John's outlets in Atlanta and will become a permanent brand ambassador. Thanks to this investment, he is sure to pocket a minimum of $8 million. 

After his partnership with the brand was announced, Forbes reported that the company's stocks rose 6%. 


Shaq has invested in numerous companies post-NBA, partnering up with JC Penney for suits, Papa John's for endorsement and franchise deals, Icy Hot and Gold Bond endorsements, and a whole lot more. These endorsement deals are only some of the many that made it possible for the NBA legend to put his money somewhere other than the bank. 

However, the road to getting his multi-million dollar investments wasn't easy, as he had to turn down some endorsement deals to make way for more meaningful ones. Thanks to his great money management, he is now able to enjoy the fruits of his labor and create even more ways for him to earn. 

As a passion project, O'Neal opened up "Shaquille" just across the Staples Center in LA, which features specialties like the Shaq burger and the "Kobe burger" to honor his teammate, Kobe Bryant. 


Years back, Shaquille O'Neal purchased a $22 million lakeside property in Miami that proves just how deep his bank account goes. The property has been pegged as a "one-of-a-kind estate," which served as a vacation house for the O'Neal family. 

After staying in LA most of the time due to his numerous dealings in the area, O'Neal has decided to sell the property, which covers three acres of land and includes 31,000 square feet of living space. Some of its remarkable features include a 17-car garage, 6000-square-foot indoor basketball court, and 95-foot-long swimming pool. 

With his new endorsements, Shaq can easily purchase a mansion as big as the one in Miami, this time in LA, where he spends most of his time. 

Watch Shaq's full video here.

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