Chilling Moment Burglar Creeps through a Home into Bedroom of Sleeping Kids

Every parents’ nightmare, a burglar was caught on camera breaking into a home and walking into the nursery where a little girl and her baby brother slept.

The burglar had stalked the home and observed the father leave his residence on a quiet Sunday morning.  It was then that he made his move and successfully entered the house three times, taking computers, headphones, and an iPad.

Extensive footage from security cameras captured the thief as he walked around the outside, identified by his red hoodie, and then inside the home where he used a window as his point of entry. He also tried to remove a security camera when he noticed it.“We had more cameras in the house, but dude turned it off except for a few he missed.”

Even more frightening than the theft was the footage of him peeking into the room of a four-year-old girl and her one-year-old brother who were asleep alone, with their mother in another.

Schendelle Bohulano, the victim’s sister, posted the security footage on Facebook saying,

“So this is the guy that broke into my sister’s house, while she and the kids were dead asleep! He saw my brother-in-law leave, and that’s when he went for it!”

She continued,

“He even had the audacity to look in the kids' rooms while they were sleeping. They stole a MacBook laptop, Mac desktop, Beats headphones, and my niece’s iPad, as far as we know.”

Most burglaries happen when the owners aren’t home. Such was the case for singer celebrity Taylor Swift, who was a victim of a stalker who broke into her New York townhouse. The thief even took a shower and dozed off on the singer’s bed.

The trespasser, Roger Alvarado was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and criminal trespassing. This incident was not the first time Alvarado has tried to gain illegal access into Swift's home. 

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