Man Who's Been Single over a Year Explains Why He Wouldn't Go near a Woman over Size 6

A man held nothing back as he gave numerous reasons why he would rather not date an oversized woman. The prevailing culture instills in us that being fat is a terrible thing.

Men show a preference for slim women as their tiny physique seemingly appears less threatening compared to their oversized counterparts. It has caused a rift in society, it has made the fat women very self-conscious as it dealt their self-esteem a considerable blow. 

Illustration of a fat woman | Photo: Shutterstock

Illustration of a fat woman | Photo: Shutterstock

With the advent of the societal norms, people are now more accepting of the different body forms with some men even showing a preference for thick and chubby women! It is a bit surprising to find that there are still men who shade fat women!

Nowadays, it is scarce to find men that would boldly tell of hating the fat women, but a Sun article had three men hold nothing back as they expressed immense dislike for oversized members of the opposite sex.

Picture of a fat woman | Photo: Shutterstock

Picture of a fat woman | Photo: Shutterstock

A Zack Curtis mainly said he would never go for women over a size 6. The 28-year-old businessman extensively explained his reasons as he said that he didn't find large womanly features appealing in any way. 

Illustration of a fat woman | Photo: Shutterstock

Illustration of a fat woman | Photo: Shutterstock

Unashamedly, he explained that dating a fat woman does no good for his image and that when it comes to the sexual part of the relationship, he would never be able to have “as much control” as he would have liked. Curtis:

"Being with someone bigger just isn’t good for my image. I’m not the fittest person, and I don’t have a six-pack, but I still eat well and maintain my health.”

Seemingly wise, he further explained that fat women are undisciplined as they don't prioritize their health. He said:

"It just takes discipline. It’s not hard to change your image and look and eat well and exercise if you want to. If a girl’s overweight it makes me think they can’t look after themselves or their own health, and so how are they going to look after me or even a potential kid one day?”

His words can be deemed selfish seeing as his reasons all appear very self-centered. We have to applaud him for being so bold and vocal, but it sure isn't surprising to find that someone seemingly that cool is still single!

Going by the intense reactions frequently seen from netizens in cases like this, he'll have them coming for him real soon!

Take Alexander J.A Cortes, a so-called California trainer for example. His compilation of how a woman can be beautiful has been labeled sexist as he advised that "thin" is always better!

Going by the reactions from Twitter users, we sure wouldn't want to be in Alexander’s shoes!

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