‘American Idol’ Alum Chikezie Eze Claims His Wife ‘Abducted’ Their Kids and Disappeared

Former "American Idols" contestant Chikezie Eze claims his wife took their kids and vanished over a year ago. She reportedly has had no contact with any of her family.

Chikezie Eze, a former contestant on American Idol, made a shocking announcement this week. He claims his estranged wife took their children and vanished over 12 months ago.

Eze reported that he has the power of the court behind him. He added that officials are now trying to assist him with his search.

Eze and his estranged ex-wife, Linda Iruke, reportedly fought with each other for years. Last year, Iruke alleged that Eze was violent towards her and also threatened her several times.

At the beginning of 2018, just after Irukemade the accusations against him, Eze decided to file for divorce. His wife then allegedly vanished with their kids.

According to his report, she cut off communication with her closest friend, her own family and him. Eze finds it extremely disconcerting that no one has heard from her.

“We all want the same thing,” Eze said. “We all want the kids to be safe. We all want the kids to be home.”

According to recent reports,  there are new legal documents supporting Eze as he attempts to locate his ex-wife and their children. The court believes the evidence is substantial and indicates that Iruke took the children and hid them without Eze’s knowledge.

As a result, the court granted the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office permission to investigate the incident and assist in locating Iruke and the children. Eze welcomed the help with open arms.

Iruke’s family, especially her mother, helped him with the court issue. Eze says he has undergone a lot of distress and hopes he will find his children soon. While discussing the incident, Eze also had an emotional statement he wanted his son to hear for the child’s birthday. 

“Happy birthday, big guy,” he said. “Daddy loves you. Grandpa and Grandma love you, too. Everybody is thinking about you ever single day, and we’re going to see you soon, okay? We’re going to see you soon.”

Most fans tried to help him by posting the available information online. However, some were skeptical about his story.

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