March 29, 2019

Georgia Mom Speaks out after 2 Teachers Allegedly Mocked Her Son's Sexuality in Front of the Class

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A Georgia mom is livid after two teachers allegedly teased her teenage son over his sexuality, prompting similar behavior toward the boy from his classmates.

Jean Mott, the aggrieved mom, told Atlanta station WSB-TV that both teachers at Shiloh Middle School in Snellville humiliated her 14-year-old son by implying that he was gay on more than one occasion.

Screenshot image of Jean Mott. | Photo: WSB-TV


According to Mott, her son came home crying from school one day in December and told her that his teachers were saying things that made it seem like he was gay before the entire class.

One of the teachers, Mott claimed, called another boy her son’s boyfriend and teased him about it after he was away from school for some days due to an injury.

"The teacher said to my son, 'Your boyfriend was cheating on you while you were away. Oh, you two make a really good couple.’”


Mott added that the second teacher accused her son of chasing boys around the school and that since these incidents, her son’s mates have been teasing him about being gay.

Both teachers have been suspended for their tactless comments and are still under investigation, but Mott does not think it is enough punishment.

"Help me understand why, as an adult, you would do this to a child? Why would you bully my child, or any child?"


The erring teachers reportedly apologized for their comments but were not able to give a response when Mott asked why they said the things they did to her son.

"I was told to shoot you black boys. You black boys are nothing but trouble."

"Both investigations found that the teachers’ comments were inappropriate,” the school district said in a statement. “As a result, disciplinary action was taken against both teachers.”

Mott, however, insists that they should be fired.

Screenshot image of Shiloh Middle School. | Photo: WSB-TV


"At the end of the day, I'm concerned about the kids," she said to NBC News. "Not just my son, but anyone else's child who may encounter a similar situation."

According to the district, investigations are ongoing, and The Georgia Professional Standards Commission will decide whether the teachers will get to retain their education certificates.


Like Mott, another mother had to stand up for her son earlier this year after a substitute teacher made racist and threatening remarks to him.

Jean Hawkins’ son was one of two African American boys that the substitute teacher told: “'I was told to shoot you, black boys. You black boys are nothing but trouble.'”

After the troubling episode, Hawkins reported to the appropriate quarters while the stand-in teacher was suspended. Read more on that story here.

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