Did You Know? Kim Fields' Mother Is Also an Actress Who Played Penny's Mom in 'Good Times'

Kim Fields has a special bond with her mother, Chip Fields who's also an actress who portrayed her mother in a couple of shows. Chip is famous too for her role as Penny's abusive mom in "Good Times."

In May 2017, Kim Fields took to her Instagram to pay tribute to a woman who “crushes” and “slays everyday.” The star was talking about her mother, Chip Fields, who’s an actress too. 


Ahead of Mother’s Day, Kim shared a collage of photos featuring Chip in her role as mother to her character Tootie in “The Facts of Life” as well as mom to her Regine in “Living Single.”  Along with those photos, she also showcased Chip’s real-life role as a mother to her.  

“WAY before she was #Tootie and #Regine mom (bottom row) she was #mymommy !!!” Kim proudly declared. “She #Crushes everyday. She’s #Fine and #Fly everyday, She’s Motivation & #Wisdom everyday. And oh man, does she #Slay everdyday!” 


Chip was especially memorable in her role as Penny’s abusive mom in “Good Times.” Her on-screen daughter was played by Janet Jackson. Chip aced her role so much that child fans of the show were reportedly fearful of her. But that’s just on TV because in real life, she’s Kim’s “fine” mom.

Chip is now 66 and a grandmother to three kids (two boys courtesy of Kim and another boy from her younger daughter, Alexis who’s also an actress), but she’s still quite the looker and aging beautifully. 

Kim credits her for her talented genes. Apart from both being actresses, they also share a passion for directing. At one point, they each directed a series simultaneously in one network. 

A talent Kim didn’t inherit from her mom though is singing. Chip was also a singer in the past with the band, Ronnie and the Rocketts. However, Kim gives her mother credit for a whole lot more. In her Mother’s day post for Chip last year, Kim enumerated all the things her mom gave her  and continues to give. “Sacrifices. Support. Friendship. Skills. Laughter. Love. Wisdom. Prayers. Mom has given me all these and oh so much more. Still does everyday,” she wrote to accompany a sweet photo of the two of them. 

Kim is proud of her mother and it shows. 

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