April 14, 2019

Woman Visited a Doctor for Her Annual Check-Up

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A woman wasn’t feeling very okay and decided to visit the doctor for her yearly check-up. The doctor checked her and gave her some prescription and advice. What she did afterwards is quite hilarious.

A woman went to see the doctor, on getting there, he did the necessary checks and checked her vitals. After all the tests, the doctor told her that she seemed to have a minor heart issue. He then gave her some pills to help alleviate the problem.

Doctor explaining prescription to senior female patient in clinic | Photo: Shutterstock


She was to take the pills for two weeks and then come back to see him. He also gave her an essential instruction, saying that she should not climb any stairs during that period.

The woman objected to her not being able to climb the stairs, telling the doctor that she lived in a two-story house and would have to climb stairs. The doctor still insisted, saying that he understood that she lived in a two-story house, but that it was vital that she did not climb any stairs for her medication to work properly.

Modern brown oak wooden stairs and doors in new renovated house interior | Photo: Shutterstock


The woman went home and did as the doctor told her. She completed her dosage and avoided using the stairs. When the two week period was finally over, she went back to see the doctor. The doctor checked her once again to see if she had any issues.

After the checks, he was happy to pronounce her as fully healthy and without any heart issues. The woman was relieved and happy. She made to take her to leave, but then stopped and asked the doctor a nagging question.

Happy doctor and patient discussing over reports in a clinic | Photo: Shutterstock


She asked the doctor if she could now climb the stairs again. The doctor replied in the affirmative, saying she was now okay and that climbing the stairs would not be a risk to her heart or her health. The woman was even more relieved and said,

“Good because I was getting tired of climbing that drainpipe every night.”

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