6-Year-Old Boy Tragically Dies While Waiting to Take His Baseball Team Photo

Jaimie-lee Prince
Apr 02, 2019
12:23 P.M.

A Georgia boy died from a heart attack just before he was to take a picture with his baseball team. The boy had lived for years with a rare heart condition.


As six-year-old Brantley Neal Chandler waited to have a group picture taken with the rest of the Rock Springs Mustang baseball team, he collapsed to the ground.

An ambulance was called and transported the first grader to a children's hospital nearby. Sadly, Chandler could not be saved. He died on March 28 at approximately 8:53 pm.

Chandler's mother, Meghan Bryson, was distraught, but she wasn't completely shocked. Her son was born with an illness called hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS).


It's a heart defect that disrupts proper blood flow to the left side of the heart. Chandler had had three open-heart surgeries before he was two years old.

Bryson explained to NBC News:

"There was no sign or symptom, which I was told was a major possibility — that it could be an instant heart attack. I never told him or explained it to him. So, he never thought he was any different from the rest of the kids."

An obituary for Chandler said that the boy would go "hunting, fishing, [and spend] time with his hunting dog 'Boss.' " The little one even rode four-wheelers and played in the mud.

Bryson insisted that she "never made him live in a bubble." He did anything he wanted. For a six-year-old, that would be a lot of playing. The mother concluded that her son "had a very good nearly seven years of quality life."


The licensed nurse shared the heart-wrenching news to Facebook as well. A post showing a photo of Chandler with a medal around his neck was accompanied by a touching caption.

A portion of it read:

"As some of u know, Brantley gained his wings last night.... It’s going to be hard for years to do anything but especially these next couple days. I seriously don’t know what to do or how to live."

It continued :

"I love u Beba!!! You are a true hero! You fought ur own internal battle til u couldn’t do it no more. Most people didn’t even know ur daily struggle. U put up a very big fight and proved ur drs wrong so many times. U amazed me everyday. U were the strongest little man I knew."

Bryson also thanked all the people who showed support and said she couldn't wait to see her "mamas baby." She tagged the post with a hashtag that read "I hate HLHS."


The horrendous sickness is extremely rare in the United States, with under 1,000 children born with it every year according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Chandler's funeral was held on Sunday. The Rock Spring Athletic Association will host another tribute to the young boy on April 13. He is survived by his mother and father, two stepparents, three half-siblings and four grandparents.

Heart attacks are generally known to plague older persons, with the risk increasing significantly by the age of 45 in men and 55 in women. There are measures that one can take to lower their chances, however.

These include eating a healthy diet of fresh fruit, veggies, and grains, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol use, managing your stress levels, controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and simply getting enough sleep.

A little girl involved in a heart attack incident did a great job when she called 911 on her father's behalf. Dispatcher Jason Bonham was impressed by the five-year-old's calm demeanor and patience.

Little Savannah told Bonham her "dad can't hardly breathe." She urged the operator to "come real fast." The call was recorded and shared online where it went viral.


The dispatcher had an ambulance sent to Savannah's home. When asked how her dad was doing, she said he was breathing and, "so far... so good." Later, she said that she would have to change out of her pajamas to answer the door.

Savannah also made sure to inform the dispatcher that the family had a friendly dog. In the end, her father survived the heart attack all thanks to his little girl.

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