April 04, 2019

Farmer Decided to Test a Manager Who Had a Heart Attack with Hard Farm Work

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The director of a firm was saddled with the responsibility of decision-making on a farm. He was finding it difficult to decide on his final task, and this was shocking to a farmer, who felt he could do it with ease.

A firm’s director in an attempt to recover from the abnormal heart function which he suffered, went to a farm and as instructed by his doctor, stayed there for a couple of days before returning to his duties at the firm.

Beautiful morning sunrise over the corn field | Photo: Shutterstock


While he was at the farm, in a bid to work, he approached the farmer and asked that he gave him something to do.

With the days that followed,  the farmer tried to test him with different tasks. First, he asked that he cleaned up the cow's dung, then requested him to cut 500 chicken heads.

The director's speed at completing the tasks was impressive and unexpected to the farmer. So he gave him one last task which involved him deciding how to share a bag of potatoes into separate halves, filling one box with small ones and the other box with big ones.

Fresh Potatoes in a Wooden Box | Photo: Shutterstock

Unfortunately, the director was unable to do it. When asked by the surprised farmer his reason for not accomplishing the simplest of all the tasks, he said:

“Listen, all my life I'm cutting heads and dealing with shit, but now you ask me to make decisions.”