April 05, 2019

Bride Complained about Her New Husband after the Honeymoon

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Honeymoons are supposed to be the best time of a married couple’s life because the real work begins when they get back. One bride found this out the hard way.

After her honeymoon, a young bride phoned her mother. The mother asked her about the experience and what happened while they were away.

A couple getting married | Source: Freepik



The bride regaled her mother with tales of her and her husband’s romantic getaway and how perfect their honeymoon. However, once they returned this changed.

The young wife told her mother that since her and her husband’s return from their honeymoon he had been using awful language, especially a particular series of four letter words.

Woman complaining over the phone | Source: Pixabay


The mother inferred that her daughter was referring to swear words, but the actual story ended up being much funnier and less severe.

The bride’s mother demanded that her daughter share the four-letter words with her. It turns out that her husband wants her to do domestic chores because the words were dust, cook, wash, and iron.

Woman doing chores | Source: Pixabay



Some honeymoons are tragic instead of romantic and happy. One bride had a particularly awful honeymoon experience.

A bride from West Yorkshire was on honeymoon in Cape Verde with her new husband. The first two days were magical, but on day three tragedy struck.

Her husband expressed that he was feeling exhausted and had a nap before dinner. He woke up with stomach pains and was sick. An emergency nurse came to the room and gave his medication.

The husband, unfortunately, passed away an hour later. Doctors informed the bride that he had had lung cancer.