April 10, 2019

Woman Who Thought She Was Sick with Food Poisoning Gave Birth Unexpectedly to a Healthy Baby

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A woman could not sleep because of severe stomach pains but what she thought was just a case of food poisoning, gave her the biggest surprise of her life in the bathroom of her home in Keyport, New Jersey.

Patricia Crawford, a New Jersey woman, constantly complained of stomach cramps and severe nausea. But on March 28, she was awake all night, until at five in the morning she got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

The woman did not know that she was pregnant. She and her husband had been trying to conceive, but they thought they had not succeeded. It was a surprise to both when, suddenly, Patricia gave birth to a baby.



She blamed her discomfort on something she had eaten, but what really happened was that she was pregnant and, upon entering the bathroom of her house, she gave birth to her baby. "By the time I got back to the toilet area all of a sudden a baby came sliding out," Patricia told News 12.

She and her husband were not expecting a baby ll Source: Pixabay


She and her husband Evan Darragh were not expecting a baby, they had already tried unsuccessfully in the past. She says she really did not have pregnancy symptoms, beyond occasional upset stomach and feeling "of a flutter" a few weeks ago.

Given the unexpected surprise, the couple has had to adapt soon to everything that implies having a newborn at home. They say that friends and family have been very helpful and have been sending them supplies since the news broke.

The couple has had to adapt soon to everything that implies having a newborn at home ll Source: Pixabay


In addition, that day, March 28, was the first anniversary of the death of Crawford's father, that-s why she does not hesitate to describe the events of a double miracle.

That's why they named the baby as their grandfather, William James. The baby was born at 5 a.m., the same time at which, according to Crawford, his father set the alarm to go to work.

The baby was named William James after his grandfather ll Source: Pixabay


"My sister said it was like my dad came from heaven and said: 'You will never be sad again on March 28,'" said the sudden new mother. "And it's really the best thing in the world," she added.

In a similar story, a 300 lb college student named Liz Hronek gave birth one day after learning she was pregnant and the experience inspired her to lose half her size.


During class one day, Hronek was working on an assignment when she suddenly “thought I peed my pants.” A friend took her to the campus health center, where they said she was pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl the next day.

Another a woman named Judy Brown, 47, from Beverly, Massachusetts learned about her pregnancy only hours before she delivered her first child.

The doctor in charge of that shift examined Judy's condition. After a few minutes, he revealed the news to the couple that would give them the biggest shock of their lives: she did not have any blockages that caused the pain, she was pregnant and had to deliver the baby immediately.