Donald Trump’s Son Eric Announces He and Wife Lara Are Expecting a Second Child

Eric Trump, one of the sons of POTUS Donald Trump, took to social media to announce that he and his wife, Lara, are expecting a second child.

In his tweet, Donald’s second oldest son wrote: “Lara and I are excited to announce that we will be adding another member to our family in August! Luke will be a great big brother!”

Eric’s tweet also had some family photos, which made the announcement even more adorable.


One of them portrayed the couple posing with their two dogs and Luke, their one-year-old son, who was sitting on a stroller. For the second pic, Eric and Lara were staring at the boy while smiling and holding their pets in a sofa. Luke was staring front smiling at the camera.

Lara's growing bump was not visible when she competed in the Las Olas Triathlon one month ago.

The 36-year-old lady, who has been married to Eric since 2014, also announced the big news on her Twitter account, saying that “baby number two” would be born in August and that “all of the boys are excited to become big brothers.”


She shared three photos in her post, though. All of them showed the entire family posing in the same sofa from Eric’s tweet showing just how much they love their son.

One of the aspects that people noticed was that the images didn’t show Lara’s baby bump. Apart from that, her growing bump was not visible when she competed in the Las Olas Triathlon in Fort Lauderdale one month ago either even though she was about four months pregnant.

So far, they have not shared more details of the upcoming baby, who will become POTUS’ 10th grandchildren: Donald Jr. has five children and Ivanka three. At the moment, Lara is involved with different animal charities while Eric works as an Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization.


Earlier this year. Eric made headlines after saying that his father was the “greatest guy in the world” and that he should declare a national emergency at the border.

"I want him to declare an emergency. [If the Democrats don't negotiate something fair, the president should] build the wall with the United States military because that's what people in this country want," pointed out Eric. 

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