Woman Blocks Traffic with Naked Cardboard Men

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 10, 2019
10:48 P.M.

A woman had a flat tire while driving on the road. Her next line of action was to pull out naked cardboard men from her car and line them on the road, and when a cop came to find out what the issue was, she gave him an explanation that beats any other.


The cardboard men looked very real, and a vehicle seeing it from afar would think they were real naked men. The cardboard men were dressed in open trench coats which revealed their naked bodies and private parts.

Woman with a flat tyre | Photo: Getty Images

Woman with a flat tyre | Photo: Getty Images

The lifeless naked cardboard men soon begin to generate traffic as drivers coming from afar slowed down when they got to them to have a look and see what really was going on. This constant slowing down by the oncoming vehicles made traffic to build up, making the ordinarily free road busy.

A State trooper seeing the traffic build up goes on to find out what was happening and pulled up behind the woman. He then asked her what the problem was and she explained that her car has a flat tire. The policeman, who didn’t seem happy by the look of things then asked her why she put the obscene cardboard men on the road.

Female Driver and a Policeman | Photo: Getty Images

Female Driver and a Policeman | Photo: Getty Images

The woman was left dumbfounded by the officer’s lack of understanding of what her cardboard men were for. She could not hide her disbelief, and after going through her thought process, she replied to the officer and told him what they were for.

She said:

“Helloooo, those are my emergency flashers!”

If you enjoyed that joke, do come back next time to have more laughs. See you next time.

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