'Beat Ya to It': Jessa Duggar Brilliantly Shuts down Mom-Shamers as She Shares Her Kids' Photo

Most followers of Jessa Duggard love when she publishes photos and videos of their children Spurgeon and Henry, however, some take advantage of these images to let out their frustrations and criticize everything that the young mother shares.

The last picture that Jessa has uploaded is a clear example of this. The image shows her two young children playing very happily as they explore the back of a truck, and although it can be a dangerous place for a young child, all they need to have fun is supervision.

Jessa herself was responsible for watching the children while playing in the truck, she even explained in her Instagram post: "They spent 20 minutes picking up every little stone they could find and throwing them into the yard, I thought these pictures of the brothers were too sweet not to share them!"

But this time Jessa had an ace up his sleeve, he just was not going to let the haters throw the first blow. So she was ahead of the criticism he could receive and added "PS Yes, we are barefoot, and we stay away from the barbed wire roll, and he could not keep the precious nail he found."

As cherry pie Jessa concluded the publication with a short sentence that delighted fans for shutting down the mouth to all those who want to criticize. She simply said: Beat Ya to it!

Apparently, this is the best strategy Jessa has found to not allow online reviews to affect her. On several previous occasions, she has defended herself correctly against those who wish only to embarrass her for the way she raises her children, and she has always had the support of her true fans.

Jessa has always assumed her responsibility as a mother but without letting herself be carried away by the hundreds of comments she receives daily. For example, on one occasion she was criticized for feeding Spurgeon with a bottle, but she quickly went to Instagram to explain herself.

"That's my boy! Yes, he's 22 months old Yes, he drinks water from a zip-cup, and yes, he still prefers to drink a lot of his milk / kefir from his bottle, especially before nap / bedtime" , wrote. "So there you have it, if you're feeling anxious about this, share all your wisdom and the perfect parenting advice in the comments section below."

On another occasion she was also criticized for a photograph she published in which her children appear to be using her cell phone. On this occasion, she clarified that her children are not engaged in playing with the phone constantly, but if necessary she puts them Peppa Pig and thus manages to distract them.

The young mother had to defend herself harshly when she was criticized for the "disgusting" conditions of her home, after she published photos of piles of dirty clothes and dirty diapers, among other messes.

That time Jessa returned the blow, defending his choice to publish those photos and the living conditions of his family to show that it is not an easy task to take care of children and fulfill all the responsibilities and duties expected of an adult.

So Jessa’s fans can rest assured that she will always know how to defend herself from the criticism she receives for her parenting style, and even support and defend her family as she has already done at other times.

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