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Joke: Married Man Cheats on Wife with 19-Year-Old Call Girl

Razia Meer
Apr 12, 2019
10:29 A.M.
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Infidelity is never funny, but some people cheat with zero consideration about the consequences that they will have to bear. And clearly, some people should never get into longterm partnerships at all!


The married man in this fictitious story was taught a lesson by the person he cheated with. He did not see that coming at all!

A married businessman noticed a beautiful 19-year-old girl in the bar after work. The man didn’t think twice; he took off his wedding ring and put it in his pocket. He then walked up to her and turned on his charm.

Young woman at a bar. | Source: Pixabay

Young woman at a bar. | Source: Pixabay


After a few drinks together, he decided that the time was right to make a proposition.

He said, “I just love talking to you. What do you say we continue this at your place?”

The woman replied,

“Honey, I just so happen to be a call girl. I’d be happy to have fun with you tonight, but it will cost you $500.”


The married man thought that sounded terrific, so off they went. They rolled in the hay, and he had a great time. But before he left her place, he told her,

“Darn, looks like I forgot to bring cash with me. No worries, I’ll have my secretary write you a check and mail it to you. She will mark the payment ‘RENT FOR APARTMENT’.”

On the way to the office the next day, he has some regrets. Not the sex, that was great, but being a bit of a cheapskate and feeling only a little bad for cheating on his wife, he has his secretary send a check for only $250 and encloses the following written note.

Secretary in an office. | Source: Pixabay

Secretary in an office. | Source: Pixabay


“Dear Madam,

Enclosed you will find a check in the amount of $250 for rent of your apartment. Note that I am not sending the amount that we agreed upon, because when I rented the apartment, I was under the impression that;

1) it had never been occupied; 2) there was plenty of heat; and 3) it was small enough to make me feel cozy and at home.

However, I found out that it had been previously occupied, that there wasn’t any heat, and that it was entirely too large for my liking.”


The girl’s eyebrows shot up as she was reading the note, and she returned the check for $250 with a beautifully embellished note.

“Dear Sir,

You’ve got some nerve! First of all, I cannot understand how you expect a beautiful apartment like this to remain unoccupied indefinitely. As for the heat, there is plenty of it if you know how to turn it on.

Regarding space, the apartment is indeed of regular size, but if you don’t have enough furniture to fill it, please don’t blame the landlady.

Send the rent in full or we will be forced to contact your present landlady.”


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