Alleged Mistress Kills Pastor in Fatal Shooting, Leaving His Wife Wounded

A Tennessee pastor was shot and killed by his mistress when he refused to leave his wife and be with her instead.

Latoshia Daniels is the scorned woman who took drastic measures after the executive pastor of the Mississipi Boulevard Christian Church, Brodes Perry, broke her heart. The man refused to divorce his wife so that he and his mistress could be together.

According to Mass Appeal News, the 39-year-old woman entered the reverend's apartment in Collierville on April 4 at around 10 pm. She sat down and spoke with Perry's wife for about 30 minutes before Perry finally got home. 

When the reverend arrived, Daniels spent another 10 minutes in conversation with the married couple. They were walking her to the front door when Daniels pulled out a handgun.

As she fired, Daniels shouted: 

"You broke my heart!" 

She first sprayed bullets at Perry and then shot his wife in the shoulder when the latter attempted to check on her husband. "Get out of the way!" Daniels urged her. 

A neighbor who heard the shots called 911. When the police arrived, Daniels refused to release the gun and so was shot herself. She was taken to a nearby hospital and again resisted arrest. 

After being treated, Daniels pushed a police officer and attempted to run away. Later, officers forced her to the ground and handcuffed her. Meanwhile, the pastor's wife was treated in a separate hospital and is expected to recover. 

Daniels was charged with resisting arrest, assault on an officer, firearm possession, attempted first-degree murder and first-degree murder. In an ironic twist, Daniels specialized in domestic violence and anger management at her place of work. 

Winnie Wright, a Fox13 anchor and reporter, shared details of her credentials via a Twitter post days after the incident came to light. 

Perry's wife reportedly stated that she did not know about the affair prior to the occurrence. However, she did know of Daniels from the time that she had lived in Little Rock.

Another incredulous mistress story emerges from popular talk show host Wendy Williams and her husband of 21 years, Kevin Hunter. Though no one was injured in their situation, Williams recently visited rehab for alcohol addiction. 

Williams found out that her husband's alleged mistress gave birth to a child and Hunter is reportedly the father. The 54-year-old host shocked viewers on a late March episode of her show when she revealed she went to a sober house for a couple of days surrounding the news

When she checked herself out, she began drinking excessively and had to be taken to a hospital. Williams has yet to connect her actions to those of her husband's. Hunter released a statement about the addiction.

He said: 

"We are moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves."

Earlier this week, reports came in that Willams will reportedly file for divorce from Hunter. This follows 10 years of alleged infidelity by Hunter with mistress Sharina Hudson. He and Williams have one 18-year-old son together.

It's good to see the situation being resolved without violence and we hope that Williams is able to continue addressing her personal issues as she goes through such a difficult time.

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