April 15, 2019

Swedish Actress Bibi Andersson, Star of 13 Ingmar Bergman Films, Dies at 83

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Swedish Actress Bibi Andersson, famous for her roles in Ingmar Bergman classic films has died. She was 83-years-old at the time of her passing.

Sweden’s Film Institute revealed earlier today that Swedish Actress Bibi Andersson has passed on at the age of 83. The Swedish actress famously starred in classic films by her compatriot, the filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.

Spokesman Martin Frostberg announced that Andersson, who starred in “The Seventh Seal” and “Persona” died on Sunday. Andersson was named best actress four times by the Swedish Film Institute's annual awards and also received a similar accolade from the Berlin Film Festival, in 1963.


Andersson was born on Nov. 11, 1935, as Berit Elisabet Andersson. She appeared in dozens of movies before directing plays in Stockholm. In 2009, she suffered a stroke and stepped out of the limelight.

She lives on through her daughter, Jenny, and her third husband, Gabriel Mora Baeza.