Remember Barry Weiss from 'Storage Wars'? Here’s What He Did after Leaving the Show

Barry Weiss is a wealthy man who loves antiques. He's an eccentric guy on his sixties who rides a motorcycle.

If you've ever seen the reality show known as 'Storage Wars,' you'll surely remember Barry Weiss: one of the most charismatic and eccentric buyers on the show.

But what did this collector do with all the antiques he got from random storage containers? And where did he go after saying goodbye to the show?

For Weiss, buying things is a hobby, but one in which he's an expert. His range of knowledge ranges from classic cars to relics of war, and everything in between.

Sadly, the famous collector stayed away from television for a while after the fourth season of 'Storage Wars.'

But, later, throughout 'Barry'd Treasure,' the next reality show he worked on, the collector/adventurer met new people and used his special sense of humor in each of his searches.

In 'Barry'd Treasures,' Weiss shared with the audience his collectibles, his special way of negotiating, and a full list of things to do before he dies.

Then, he disappeared from social media so rumors about his alleged death started to spread. Contrary to popular belief, Weiss is alive and well, enjoying his current life of retirement.

Weiss has been a collector since the age of 15 and buying cars has been one of his biggest hobbies. He used to have extraordinary ideas to beat his competitors.

He didn't feel ashamed of the bizarre tactics he used to take advantage of his rivals, and that's why his show was quite entertaining.

He was also doing business with agricultural products in the state of California. He started working on this side project with Joey Weiss around 25 years ago.

This business dealt with the import and export of fruits and vegetables. When he got tired of handling the business, he sold the company for a hefty amount.

Weiss then used the funds to purchase his toys and such. He's still full of energy and attached to the things he loves. 

He has no television projects lined up, however, he admitted that it has always been his dream to do a motorsport show or travel the world.

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