Cher Calls Trump an 'Ignorant Thug with Lizard Brain' after He Supported Her Immigration Stance

In the latest of a series of tweets regarding immigration policies, Cher reiterated her feelings regarding the president who is a “thug with lizard brain that guarantees his survival above all else.”

The cause of Cher’s tweeting frenzy stemmed from an announcement that the administration considers making a policy that would send immigrants to sanctuary cities, made by press secretary Sarah Sanders over the weekend.

Laws would then prevent immigration and law enforcement officials from working together to deport immigrants.

The city of Los Angeles became a sanctuary city in February, a change that did not sit well with Cher as she questioned the ability of Los Angeles as a city to take care of immigrants when they can’t take care of their own residents:

The first Trump to respond to Cher’s comment, was Donald Trump Jr. as he reposted her comment, and added a few words of his own in the caption that read:

“Amazing, simply amazing. I guess the leftists are only pro-illegals when they can lay the huge burden on someone else. Cher: Los Angeles ‘Can’t Take Care of Its Own, How Can It Take Care of' More Immigrants”

On Instagram Jr. responded to the same post of Cher’s in great length. He started the post off with a cheery, “Welcome to the Republican Party Cher!!!”

Although not registered, Cher has attended Democratic conventions, and Jr. elaborated in great length about the party’s “hypocrisy.”

“They advocate for these insane leftist policies and open borders when they can stick the burden on you, on your towns, your schools, and your hospitals but if it starts to affect them all of a sudden they’re not so thrilled at the inflow of illegals,” he wrote.

Donald Trump took note of Cher’s tweet on April 14 and responded that he agreed one should take care of its own first, and in this case, a country:

Late on Monday Cher responded to Donald Trump's reply in a separate post. Sarcastically, she began the post with, “ I agree …” before she launched into a personal tirade about the current president who creates “constant mayhem":

Not long after Cher’s tirade, she posted another tweet that sang a different tune. She expressed that she felt “tired” and “misunderstood” while Cher “wondered how ppl could condemn” her after everything she has accomplished in her life and what she had to do to take care of those she loved.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Los Angeles’ homeless population is second highest to that of New York City, while California as such has the highest amount of homeless veterans.

While on the topic of Cher, an old duet of her recently resurfaced and wowed her fans all over again as it is said to possibly be the best duet performance in the world, ever.

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