Woman Shares How Husband of 18 Years and Father of Her Kids Came out as a Woman

A married couple from New Zealand spoke openly about the transition of the husband to female gender after a long struggle against depression and anxiety.

Natalie, 42 Christchurch, New Zealand, told how different she feels since the transition began, "life seems much fuller to me and I genuinely feel happier and a calmer sense of peace that I never had before."

His wife Shoko, 36, is very understanding. However, at first she had her doubts: “I went through three or four months constantly thinking ‘am I okay? Can I support her or can I love another woman?’ I wasn’t sure myself.”

Shoko could accept her husband's transition after recognizing that she herself had always been attracted to personality rather than gender. "I always fell in love with the personality," she said. “I love her and I loved the way we have our intimacy.”

However, the hardest part was revealing the secret to their daughters, Ashley, 11, and Sonia, 13. As expected, the girls didn’t react very well to the news, they were still little and didn’t want their dad to change.

Natalie Woods. l Image:YouTube/Barcroft TV

Natalie Woods. l Image:YouTube/Barcroft TV

But their mother managed to calm them, quickly the girls understood the situation and supported their father in his transition to becoming Natalie. Now that almost three years have passed, they are increasingly happy with their father's decision.

Natalie had fought all her life against depression but now feels much better and the transition has been the only thing that has addressed her feelings of "gender dysphoria".

Natalie and Shoko Woods. l Image:YouTube/Barcroft TV

Natalie and Shoko Woods. l Image:YouTube/Barcroft TV

In addition to starting hormone replacement therapy, Natalie traveled to Spain to perform a facial and vocal feminization, then undergo gender reassignment surgery. All this has cost him up to now about $ 68,000.

After the transition that Natalie has made so far, she and her wife have decided to open their relationship and start dating men. Although they have only left a few times, their intention is to add a man to their family.

Natalie and Shoko Woods and their daughters Ashley and Sonia.

Natalie and Shoko Woods and their daughters Ashley and Sonia.

Another of Natalie's recent achievements in this transition process has been to wear a women's swimsuit for the first time in public.

“Putting the swimsuit on in public for the first time was a bit scary at first, but after 10 to 15 minutes I just relaxed and enjoyed myself and had a really fun day just spending time with the kids and Shoko.

And while the couple says their future is uncertain, Natalie has a vision that she and Shoko made it.

“I really do see us being together for the long term,” she said. “I see us being two old ladies sitting together in a village talking to our great-grandchildren about all our amazing experiences, all the places that we have traveled, and all the amazing things we have done.”

In another story, a man wrote to The Good Men Project in search of advise after his wife of 33 years came out as a lesbian. Now, he doesn’t know what to do to save their marriage since his wife doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore.

He doesn’t know what to do to save their marriage l Image: Pixabay

He doesn’t know what to do to save their marriage l Image: Pixabay

He wants to be with her but doesn´t know if he can handle a sexless marriage: “She’s not looking elsewhere, but her long struggles against her same-sex desires seem to have killed all desire. And if she were to re-awaken desire, it would be for another woman, not for me.”

This reminds us of another story of a transgender man who got pregnant. He met his partner and they decided to have a child together, so he stopped hormone treatment for a few months and then he was able to conceive naturally.

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One year ago, Biff suggested that I take the car to work so I wouldn’t have to take public transit. At that time I usually took the commuter train, known as the MAX, to and from work. I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t want to feel weak or fragile but I said yes to taking our car instead of the MAX. ☁️ I drove away from the office at my usual time, the same time I would have caught the MAX. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I had the car so I went to Trader Joe’s to grab dinner. As I pulled into the parking lot, sirens suddenly swarmed around me. Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks sped by at full speed, headed across the street to the transit center. My first thought was, “Whatever is happening there... That’s my train.” ☁️ Within minutes, the news was everywhere. A white supremacist, already known to Portland authorities, harassed two young women of color. Three bystanders intervened and the attacker pulled out a knife and stabbed them. ☁️ I didn’t leave the house after that. This photo was taken a week later, when I finally agreed to go on a previously-planned family weekend trip to the beach. I spent much of the time inside, contemplating my situation. I was a very pregnant man in a very scary world. I called my mom and begged her to let me come to Canada for the remainder of my pregnancy; it wasn’t rational... I just wanted my mom and felt like somehow she could keep me safe. She eventually said no, worried that I would go into labor away from my medical team and Biff and the kids. “It’s just too dangerous,” she said. She was right. ☁️ What you see on my face in this photo isn’t peaceful bliss or dreamy contemplation of our upcoming life with a newborn. It’s fear. Maybe even terror. When you’re pregnant, every bone in your body is receiving a message to keep the baby safe. Everything feels like a threat. Oh, and I was receiving actual threats as well... which didn’t help. ☁️ I am proud to be a survivor. Proud to be a dad. Proud to be trans. Now... more than ever before. Bravery doesn’t mean lack of fear. Bravery means being afraid and forging ahead anyway. ☁️ 🌧 ☀️ 🌈 #resilience #transpride #lgbtq #pride #gaypride #twodads #seahorsedad

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Seeing a pregnant man is something that will surely surprise anybody. While modern times are progressive, not everyone shares that view. The couple received many negative comments on their decision, especially in the form of cyberbullying.

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