Transgender man who gave birth responds to the haters with humor and openness

Dec 07, 2018
12:41 P.M.
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Seeing a pregnant man is something that will surely surprise anybody. But sometimes this surprise can manifest as anger and hatred. One transgender man experienced this when he fell pregnant.


A transgender man from Oregon, Trystan Reese, was assigned female at birth. As he grew older, Trystan realized that he identifies as male. As an adult, he decided to have hormone treatment, but no surgery.

He met his partner, Biff Chaplow, and they decided to have a child together. Trystan’s decision to not have surgery made this possible because he stopped hormone treatment for a few months and then he was able to conceive naturally.

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While modern times are progressive, not everyone shares that view. The couple received many negative comments on their decision, especially in the form of cyberbullying.


Trystan acknowledges that many people who write these comments would not be confident enough to approach the couple in public:

“We find that behind the shroud of anonymity, people feel pretty empowered to tell us what should happen to us, to our children, to our family.”


In public places, the couple is also not fully accepted as they do get judgmental looks from people, but thus far no one has confronted them.

However, the couple is not only receiving negative comments online. They have many fans on social media who look to them as role models and inspiration.



Trystan is not the only transgender man who has ever fallen pregnant. Kayden Coleman, a transgender man who was almost ten years into his transition, found out that he was 21 weeks pregnant.

His then-boyfriend suggested that Kayden take a pregnancy test after he had been experiencing back pain. The test came back positive, much to Kayden’s surprise.

Kayden and his boyfriend got married soon after, and Kayden gave birth to their daughter, Azealia. The couple has taken parenthood in their stride and is happy to have a child together.