Young Man Helps Girlfriend's Father get a Peanut out of His Ear

Apr 24, 2019
08:36 A.M.

Fathers are notorious for being disapproving of who their daughters choose as their soul mates. It's hard for them to believe that the choice doesn't lie with them.


The father in this next slightly rude joke might have jumped the gun slightly with his wishful thinking. But based on the circumstances, it was an honest mistake!

Sitting at home one night with his wife, a man is quite casually tossing peanuts into the air and catching them in his mouth.

As the couple takes in the latest episode of their favorite program, the man loses concentration for a split second and a peanut goes into his ear.

He tries to get it out but succeeds only in forcing the thing in even deeper. After a few hours of fruitless rooting around in the cavity, the couple decides to go to the Emergency Room at the local hospital.

While on their way out of the front door, they bump into their daughter coming in with her new boyfriend. They tell the pair where they are going and the boyfriend immediately takes control of the situation.

He tells them he's studying medicine and that they are not to worry about a thing. He then sticks two fingers up the man's nose and asks him to blow hard, and low and behold, the nut shoots out from his ear and across the room.

They thank the young man profusely and the daughter and her boyfriend go through to the kitchen to get drinks.


As the man and his wife sit down to discuss their luck, the wife says:

"So, what do you think he'll become after he finishes school? A GP or a surgeon?"

"Well," says the man, rubbing his nose,

"by the smell of his fingers, I think he's likely to become our son-in-law."

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