Late Kristoff ST. John Estate Reportedly Sued by ‘American Express’ Over Unpaid $33k Bill

Just months after his unfortunate passing, there have been reports that all may not be well at the St. John's estate after allegations of unpaid credit card bills surfaced.

Kristoff St. John is an American actor popularly known for his work on the CBS series, "The Young and the Restless." After his demise on February 3rd, the world mourned the multi-award-winning star whose death was ruled accidental, and the cause was listed as hypertrophic heart disease.

Now news outlet, "The Blast" is reporting that "American Express National Bank" had filed a creditor's claim against the estate which states that the late actor owes them a sum of $33,007.31.

Although the family is trying to solve the issue, there seems to be a hindering block. The late actor who died at the age of 52 did not make a will before his death. This leaves the position of his estate vulnerable, and the family is disputing over who is to take over the control of his estate and properties.

His eldest daughter, Paris, however, filed to be the administrator of the estate in March where she stated that her father's net worth after his death and deductions is estimated to be $122,000.

But this arrangement may not be feasible since Kristoff's father, Christopher claims to have a handwritten will from his son clearly stating that he should be the one in charge of the estate after his demise. Paris is, however, claiming that the will is not valid since it's meant to be private and not intended to be seen by third parties.

On April 23rd, CBS is starting a four-episode series of "The Young and the Restless" in honor of Kristoff and the show will be starring some of his co-stars and friends.

The show will depict how friends and family took the demise of Neil Winters who was the character St. John portrayed on camera.

Kristoff had suffered from depression during his lifetime after he lost his son, Julian who committed suicide at the age of 24.

Although Kristoff is gone, his memory will live on through his works and the precious moments and memories he had with his family and friends.

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