Melania Blows the Whistle as Thousands of Kids Storm the White House for Easter Egg Roll

Melania Trump does a “fantastic job” blowing the whistle during the traditional Easter Egg Roll at the White House where thousands of kids participated on Monday.

In light of the Easter celebration, President Donald Trump continued the annual tradition of having an Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday.

He and his wife, Melania Trump, headed the day's activities, wearing their Sunday’s best attire. Trump was in a suit and a pink tie, while Melania wore a light blue coat and flats.


Trump started the event by giving opening remarks and thanking First Lady Melania for organizing the festivities on the balcony, together with an Easter Bunny mascot for the children who were present. Melania led most rounds during the egg roll, hopscotch, and the other games included during the afternoon.

“I have to thank our first lady. She worked so hard on this event,” he said. “So thank you very much. Fantastic job.”

The president also thanked the egg farmers for helping by bringing in over 74,000 hard-boiled eggs which were used throughout the afternoon, with a few being smashed all over the lawn.


With the thousands who gathered in the South Lawn, the overall goal was to have fun, run around, and play. However, some games were ready to be played by the kids such as the egg race and the writing of postcards.

The egg roll, which was the first agenda of the day, had the mechanics of kids rolling eggs using the wooden spoons in a relay race.

The postcard making had its station where children could make their cards for family, friends, or service members who worked overseas. The president and first lady joined the kids in doing this creative task, even signing a child’s t-shirt and another one's arm.

A new game included this year was the musical chairs, which was the basic musical chairs present at every kid’s party, and the Be Best hopscotch, which Melania supervised and handed out stickers with the Be Best logo.

The first lady also took the time to read “The Wonderful Things You Will Be” by Emily Winfield Martin, a book highlighting the importance of kindness,  to the kids, following her Be Best campaign.

The Easter eggs also have the seal of the president and stamped “White House Easter Egg Roll 2019.”


Stephanie Grisham, East Wing spokesperson, told “Fox & Friends” that the first lady was very hands-on with the activities, keeping an eye on every detail which was in the works since six months ago. She also revealed that Melania picked out the colors for the easter eggs and carefully planned the new activities that hit her campaign, such as the hopscotch and the musical eggs.

Through traditional games, Melania was able to incorporate Be Best and taught the children a valuable lesson through the process.


We can thank former President Rutherford B. Hayes for starting the Easter Egg Roll Tradition in 1878 when he opened the lawn to Americans during the season, says White House Historical Association.

The celebration, which had egg rolling as its main event, evolved into a series of games and activities through the years. The Official 2019 White House Easter eggs had different colors which are seen in the White House State Rooms and gardens, such as the Green Room, the Red Room, the Blue Room, the Vermeil Room, and the Rose Garden.

The Easter eggs also have the seal of the president and stamped “White House Easter Egg Roll 2019.”

The president and first lady did an excellent job in this year's Easter tradition celebration, successfully making the kids who were present happy. 

Before the event, the couple, along with Tiffany Trump and her boyfriend, had Easter brunch at Mar-a-Lago. The first family also attended church service at church. Last month, the Trumps headed to Mar-a-Lago for a quick getaway and was reported to fight amid dinner. An eyewitness told PEOPLE that words were thrown at each other, leaving Melania upset.

Grisham responded to the issue telling PEOPLE that the accusations made were “completely false” and urged the witness to “say such things on the record.” 

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