April 28, 2019

Obese Woman Lost More Than 300 Pounds Because of a Promise to Her Mother

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A woman’s promise to her mother proved to be a lifesaver in her long battle with obesity and food addiction. That promise changed it all for Heather, and now she is sharing her story to the world.

Obesity is long becoming an issue in America, with data showing that 2 out of 3 American adults are overweight, while 1 out of 3 is obese. The kids too are not left out as 1 out of 3 American kids is overweight.


Hence, the issues leading to obesity seem to have a deep root and many people find it hard to lose their weight. However, all hope is not lost, and the story of Heather Godwin proves that in itself.

All through her life, Heather has been in a constant battle with obesity, caused primarily by her addiction to food. The mother of two who originates from Oregon, Portland constantly battled with her weight and was constantly bullied and teased while growing up.


At 11-years-old, Heather had her first diet, but that didn’t seem to help as she continued to get fatter even into her teen years; by the time she was 40, the scale read 436 pounds.

Her addiction to food was not helping matters as she continued to eat without control, defeating every effort she was putting to losing weight. Her obesity was causing her serious health issues as well, and she could barely sleep over that period. Things were getting worse for Heather, but one promise changed it all for her.

Her mother called her aside and made Heather to make a promise to her. She wanted Heather to stay strong and not fall apart after she (the mother) died. She also asked Heather to promise that she would take care of the obesity. After that meeting, everything changed.



Heather realized that only she had the power to change her state. She took her weight loss programs seriously, subscribed to a YouTube Channel that helped her lose weight and also helped with a dietary plan that made her stop eating sugar and cholesterol-rich foods; effectively reducing her brain’s craving for more food.

She has now lost over 304 pounds of weight, which is no mean feat and is sharing her story and tips for success on her Facebook page and YouTube Channel for everyone to see.

Heather’s story is sure very motivational. You too can do so. To lose weight as fast as possible, you have to be determined and follow some basic principles such as cutting back on starch and sugars, eating protein-rich foods, fat and vegetable, and doing exercises and weightlifting 3 times per week. Find out more tips about weight loss right here.