Jenna Bush Reportedly Managed to Hide Her Pregnancy For 5 Months: 'I’m very pregnant'

After the initial joy that followed Jenna Hager Bush’s pregnancy announcement on Monday, fans found out she is already five months along, and reportedly used smart ways to keep it a secret until now.

The 37-year-old made the announcement on the Today show on Monday, less than a week after her co-host Hoda Kotb revealed she had adopted baby number 2.

“Yes, I’m pregnant!” Jenna said on the show. “I’m very pregnant. I don’t know how you missed this!”

She did, however, have a hand in keeping it a secret. Viewers might have noticed that Jenna’s choice of style changed to mainly loose fitting clothes, long scarves, and even skillfully hid behind others when pictures got taken.

The Today host is “more than five months” along, according to a source that spoke with PEOPLE. “Everybody is super impressed that Jenna could hide the pregnancy for more than five months,” the source added. “It’s really hard to hide anything beyond the first pregnancy.”

But the pregnancy was as much a surprise to Jenna and her husband, as it was to everyone else. “We weren't really trying to get pregnant. We had some fertility issues with Poppy so we just... you know... it was a date night! Sorry, mom!” Jenna explained on the show.

Jenna revealed the news to her two daughters, three-year-old Poppy, and six-year-old Mila in their Easter baskets, and the two are delighted. “They told the man behind me on the airplane. They told the people at church,” Jenna elaborated with a big grin. “They’re so happy — to [the point] where they’re telling strangers.”

But Jenna Bush Hager didn’t keep the news to herself this entire time, her close friend and co-host, Savannah Guthrie already knew. The two had been working together on a dance challenge and said she needed “seven or eight sports bras to hold these babies in.”

Apart from the fact that she was eager to share the news, it was Savannah that prompted the big reveal when she asked Jenna to elaborate on the “sweet surprise” her daughters got over the Easter weekend.

She also did a cute gender reveal during the show with a huge surprise box where blue balloons and confetti popped out of when Jenna opened it, which revealed that Jenna is expecting a boy.

However, many might wonder why Jenna kept her pregnancy a secret for almost six months. As it turns out, it had everything to do with her twin sister, Barbara Pierce Bush and her co-host Hoda Kotb.

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