April 26, 2019

Pretty Woman Waves to a Man at the Supermarket

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Feeling embarrassed is a part of life, and, more often then not, we find ourselves craving for a hole to hide into after saying something that we should have never said in the first place.

A man learned that lesson the hard way during a late trip to the supermarket. He was tired and the only thing he wanted was to fill up his shopping cart, pay and leave.

While browsing through the fruit section, he happened to notice an attractive woman on the other side, standing next to a row of fresh vegetables.

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She was incredibly gorgeous and so familiar for some reason, as if he had seen her before. Surprisingly she started waving at him.

This only increased his curiosity and he decided to walk up to her because she seemed to know him. With a little caution in his voice, he asked.

"Excuse me, but... do you know me?"

The woman tilted her head a bit and smiled.

"Yeah, I think you're the father of one of my kids. Pretty sure, actually."

These words caused the man to have a flashback to his bachelor party, one of the craziest nights of his life, and also the one he regretted the most since he cheated on his wife with the stripper.


Source: Pixabay

With a shocked look on his face and a higher-than-normal voice he said:

"I remember you! You're the stripper! I made love to you on the pool table in front of my friends while your partner whippet by butt with a celery stick."


The woman stared the man dead in the eyes with her mouth slightly open. After a few seconds she said:

"No, I'm your son's teacher."


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