'House of Horrors' Kids Had Some Four-Legged Moral Support When They Saw Parents in Court

Children of “monster” parents received the best moral support from a police dog as they confronted their parents at their sentencing in court. 

As the Turnip children recalled the nightmares of living in their California home dubbed as “House of Horrors”, a yellow labrador sat next to them.

The dog, who is called “Raider”, has been meeting with the children ever since their parents were arrested from the house last year. 

According to Sgt. Adam Roulston, who is one of Raider’s handlers, said that one of the kids had asked if the dog could be with them at the sentencing for moral support. After all, they were going to face a pretty rough day.

Raider’s skill set allows him public access in accordance with ADA laws. According to a source, he is highly trained and knows 40 commands. 

David and Louise Turnip were sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to 14 felony counts including child cruelty, cruelty to an adult dependent, torture, and false imprisonment.

The cruel couple got arrested after their 17-year-old daughter escaped their house and called 911

To their horrors, the police found the children chained to beds upon reaching their house. All of them showed signs of severe abuse, malnourishment, and torture. They were all sent to Corona Regional Medical Centre where doctors nursed them back to health. 

According to the prosecutors, the evil parents strangled, beat, and starved their kids ever since the family lived in Texas in 2010. 

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