Steve Harvey's Words of Wisdom to Discouraged Man (Video)

Steve Harvey is brimming full of wisdom and has been getting a lot of approval for his latest piece of advice to a frustrated young man. The talk show host did not get the same response last month, however, when he offered relationship advice to a lady.

Harvey got up close and personal with his audience members during a break of “The Steve Show,” and one of them was a young, black man who said companies kept rejecting his applications because they claim he’s overqualified.

“How do you stay motivated,” he asked?

Harvey then broke things down. “First of all, let’s look at the layoff for what it was,” he began.


Harvey continued:

“It was time to go for you, and sometimes we don’t jump; sometimes we get pushed. See God is really fair. When he wants you to do something else, and you won’t do it, he’ll bring about a set of circumstances that’ll cause you [to do what he wants you to do].”

The TV personality pointed out that the audience member was trying to go back to something similar to his previous job when he should be tilting towards his true talents.


“What is your gift?” Harvey questioned.

“I’m pretty good in the kitchen.”

“Right, so why you down there [expletive] around at the computer store?” Harvey shot back as the man began to nod as though finally seeing the light.


Harvey’s advice seemed to resonate with a lot of social media user who registered their approval in the comments.

“I wish men have more mentors like you. Thank you for what you do” ~@destinyamaka

“Thanks soooo much uncle Steve I need to hear this because I was down in the dumps about my current job situation and this is what I prayed to God about sending me a clear sign and this video popped up. ‘He might not come when you want him but he’ll be there right on time’” ~@mrs.smith9415

“Amen Mr. Harvey Thank You For Always Keeping It Real” ~@dr.l.scudder


Earlier this month, Harvey dropped some wisdom nuggets at the Disney Dreamers Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine.

“God never created a soul without bestowing a gift on them,” he reminded the cross-section of students from across the country. “Haters are sent by the devil. Stay in the wall and up the ladder. Don’t stop your climb to kick somebody off.”


For the most part, Harvey’s advice is hailed as priceless, but there are a few occasions where someone does not agree with the TV man.

Last month, after he doled out relationship advice for a woman who wanted to know how to find men of good character, an Instagram user implied that Harvey wasn’t qualified to do so since he has been married three times.

Harvey did not respond to the comment, so it’s safe to assume the talk show host won’t stop sharing his words of wisdom anytime soon.

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