Lucille Ball, Beloved Star of ‘I Love Lucy,‘ Died 30 Years Ago Today

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 26, 2019
08:48 P.M.
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Lucille Ball lived a full life that involved making people smile until she passed away in 1989. Today makes it 30 years.


A lot of young people today will not know Lucille Ball, except they are into old comedy movies, but those who lived in the days when she reigned as the queen of comedy will undoubtedly remember her.


Ball died in 1989, which is precisely three decades today, and in her lifetime, she starred in the hit comedy TV show "I Love Lucy." In it, she acted opposite her husband and father of her children, Desi Arnaz.

To mark the anniversary of the comedy legend's death, the Hollywood Museum honored her with a tribute on her life and career. It is slated to run for a week, ending on May 1, and relics like the Emmy Awards she won and the famous "Redhead Room" will be displayed.

On the opening day of the tribute, Ball's daughter, Lucy Arnaz, addressed those present through a pre-recorded message. In it, the daughter of the iconic actress said her mother would be pleased to know that thirty years after she passed, a lot of people still have fond memories of her.


Arnaz said her mother's biggest wish was to get people to laugh, even for a few minutes, as long as it helped them forget every bad thing going on in their lives. The proud daughter then acknowledged that the award-winning actress got to do that by turning her passion into a career.

Ball's daughter equally said that the deceased 77-year-old would be proud to know that her legacy extends to her grandchildren; Arnaz's daughter, Kate Luckinbill Conner, represented the family on the opening night.

Earlier today, the actress' daughter posted a throwback photo of her mother and brother, Desi Jr. on Instagram, as a way to pay tribute to her.


Fans of the comedy queen also shared some of her photos and quotes on social media. One of the quotes read "I'm not funny; what I am is brave," while another read "Love yourself first, and everything else will fall into line. You have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

Ball, got a lot done in her time. She pioneered what is known today as "Sitcom" and is the reason the "Star Trek" franchise got a green light. The  mother-of-two was equally a smart businesswoman and together with her husband, started the production company "Desilu."


They produced the first "Mission Impossible," and the actress for her contributions to Hollywood has two stars on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame."

"The Lucy Show" host was a friend and mentor to fellow legendary comedy actress, Carol Burnett, and she reportedly died on the younger woman's birthday.

Despite contributing so much to television, Ball always regarded her children as her greatest achievement, and that's the legacy that will last through every generation.