Remember Lil' Dawg in 'Martin'? He Looks a Bit Different Now and Is a Proud Father of 2 Kids

Every fan of ‘90s sitcoms probably remembers Adrian Tibbs in his role as “Lil Dawg” in the “Martin,” show. These days, he looks a bit different from his hilarious character and is a father of family.

Adrian Tibbs, a graduate from Clark Atlanta University, has only taken one role in front of the screen in his career in the entertainment industry.

He was initially working as a stage manager and production staff on Martin Lawrence’s self-titled series, “Martin.” But at some point, he took on the role of Lil Dawg, a man who rocked a weave track in the back of his head, wore thick glasses, and despite his awful haircut, was Tommy Strawn’s barber.

He also idolized uncle Jerome.

Tibbs was only featured on ten episodes through the series’ five years on air, but every time he stepped on camera, he grabbed attention and left the viewers doubling with laughter.

Although his role on the screen was little, Tibb’s work behind the scenes had the show running.

Some of the duties of a stage manager include scheduling and running rehearsals, being a bridge of communication between the director, designers, and craftspeople, calling cues and making sure all of the actors know their lines and overseeing the entire show alongside the director.

After “Martin” ended, Tibbs went on to expand his career as a video stage manager on top-rated television sitcoms like “Sister, Sister,” and “The Jamie Foxx Show.” He also made a small appearance on the series “Girlfriends” in 2005.

Tibbs is well versed in both the creative and technical demands of content creation and storytelling, according to his LinkedIn, and he has been working as a freelance TV and film editor for the past eleven years.

He’s also a father of two grown children: daughter Ava, and son Adrian, who seem to be as smart and fun as their dad.

Tibbs seems to enjoy a peaceful life behind the cameras, and he has a great bond with his kids.

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