These Baby Names Were the Most Popular 50 Years Ago

Aby Rivas
Apr 27, 2019
12:53 P.M.
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Every year, the top baby names list evolves a little. And although the changes are not that noticeable from year to year, a decade, or five, can make a huge difference. Here’s a list of the most popular 20 names for boys and girls from 50 years ago.


The Social Security Administration has released lists of the most popular names for babies born in the U.S. every year since the 1880s.

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Looking back in the lists from 50 years ago, or even more, can give us an idea of how traditional were parents’ choices back then, in comparison with some of the weirdest and bizarre names that new parents are giving their babies these days.

Some of the names from five decades ago remain popular in 2019, like Elizabeth, Michael, and William, but others have gone to the bottom in the rankings, like Tammy, Lisa, and Rodney.

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Here are the 20 most popular baby names for boys and girls born in 1969:


  1. Lisa
  2. Michelle
  3. Jennifer
  4. Kimberly
  5. Melissa
  6. Amy
  7. Angela
  8. Mary
  9. Tammy
  10. Laura
  11. Susan
  12. Julie
  13. Karen
  14. Christine
  15. Kelly
  16. Elizabeth
  17. Tracy
  18. Patricia
  19. Stephanie
  20. Lori

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  1. Michael
  2. David
  3. James
  4. John
  5. Robert
  6. William
  7. Christopher
  8. Mark
  9. Brian
  10. Richard
  11. Jeffrey
  12. Scott
  13. Thomas
  14. Steven
  15. Joseph
  16. Kevin
  17. Timothy
  18. Daniel
  19. Charles
  20. Anthony

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According to the Social Security Administration, 833,254 baby boys were given the name Michael in the '60s, while 496,972 girls were named Lisa.

Although the administration hasn't released its list of top baby names for 2018 or 2019, other publications like Nameberry, released the first list of Top Names for 2019, and two new names are taking the lead on the list, Posie, for girls, and Milo, for boys.