A Woman Couldn’t Fit Her Key into Her Home, Saw a Man in a Wheelchair Who Told Her to Leave

Ksenia Novikova
Apr 28, 2019
03:46 P.M.
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A family returns home from holiday to find an absolute stranger inhabiting their home. 


Some strangers are lovely while others can be terrifying; in this very bizarre and unexpected circumstance, a Cobb County family returned home after traveling for the holidays. They found their house occupied by an absolute stranger who had changed the locks and made the house his.


Having left home with a secure mind, the family would never have envisaged that an unknown person would lay claim to their residence and even threaten to shoot if they don't leave. 

Janice Henson revealed that she ringed the police after discovering the door to her Vintage Club Circle home wouldn't open. A man in a wheelchair later came to the door to tell her to leave immediately; he claimed it was his home now.


She was shocked and surprised at the same time; this was the last thing she expected coming back from the holiday.

"The man claimed he had a gun, he allegedly threatened to shoot at officers if they didn't stop bothering him," shared the Cobb County police.

He was at loggerheads with police and SWAT officers for more than five hours, exchanging dialogue and threats. The SWAT unit eventually slammed down the front door and sent in a robot to look for the man inside the house, WSB TV reported.

The stranger, later identified by the police as 26-year-old Nathaniel Jacob Nuckols of Canton, surrendered without any fuss after realizing his game was up. An extensive search of the house revealed there was never a weapon. 


When Janice Henson checked the damage done to their home, she found traces and evidence of Nuckols’ residency. Some of their belongings were no longer in their original places, and all their food was gone. 


“He also left us notes thanking us for the key and thanking us for letting him live here, and it was his house now. He moved all the pictures, emptied drawers. He was making this house his,” said Henson.

Henson and her family stayed at a local hotel until things got back in order. 

In December 2018, 29-year-old Elijah Smart, a resident of California also reported he came home to meet two strangers cooking in his house. The homeless men were entertaining themselves and preparing for dinner.

Nuckols was arrested and charged with a felony; first-degree burglary; terroristic threats plus a misdemeanor charge of obstruction and destruction.